The game has a gameplay that is quite similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The rule is the last survivor in a match will win. Each match consists of 120 participants who fight each other until there is only 1 survivor that will be the winner. The other players that have been defeated will automatically exit the battle while the survivors keep on fighting.

How to play Rules of Survival

At the beginning of the match, you will be transported to an island by the plane and then you need to parachute to find weapons and equip yourself. When you jump down to the land, you need to quickly find guns, hats and weapons in the houses.

Choose a reasonable drop point

Choosing a suitable point to drop is extremely important when playing Rules of Survival. This affects your strategy at the beginning of the match. Choosing a good drop point will help you have the necessary accessories and equipment to continue fighting with other players.

It is a good idea to choose the points that are far away from the plane’s flight path. If you drop on positions on the flight path, you will surely meet more opponents and decrease your chance of surviving. Choose the drop points that have cars or motorbikes, then get straight to the farthest area to collect the necessities.

Pick up things


While looking for weapons, be careful because you can be attacked by other players. However, you can also attack other players with guns, fists, melee weapons (crowds, pans, chickens). Try to defeat other players and loot items from the box they drop after dying. You can also get more useful items from the Relay Box randomly dropped from the aircraft.

Above are some tips players should know to get a good beginning of each Rules of Survival match. Keep them in mind!

Cut The Rope 2: An addictive puzzle PC game

Cut The Rope 2: An addictive puzzle PC game

 “Cut The Rope 2: Om Nom’s Unexpected Adventure” version is claimed to have a significant change, which is enough to make it one of the best puzzle PC games.

When playing the game Cut the Rope 2, you will have the task of manipulating your intelligence, trying to cut the candies wire down to let the frog eat as many candies as possible.

New version with many changes

With Cut The Rope 2, players will have the chance to explore new locations such as forests, scrap yards, city parks or underground. In order to increase the appeal of the game, each location will feature many characters named Normies with cute shapes. The new characters are important “friends” accompanying players in the journey to grab candy for the protagonist Om Nom.

Cut The Rope 2: An addictive puzzle PC game

Although being based on traditional gameplay, Cut the Rope 2 was upgraded to a higher level in difficulty. For example, this PC game sometimes requires good handling skills when controlling both Normies at the same time. Players must also pay close attention to obstructions such as spiders, trap systems and bubbles.

Game graphics and sound

Colorful graphic design is one of the attractive aspects of Cut the Rope 2. The game sound in Cut the Rope 2 also inherits a lot from the previous version. Players will still feel something familiar because of the cute voice and sound emitted by the monster Om Nom.

Other features

The star system throughout the game is a good idea to make player never fed of replaying. At the first levels, the collection of all three stars is quite easy. However, as the levels get higher, this work becomes more and more difficult, which always make the player brainstorm to find the most reasonable way.

If you are fond of intellectual PC game, try Cut The Rope 2 on PC and have hours of enjoyment!