The most anticipated online game of 2019

Lost Ark International Edition

Lost Ark is expected by many gamers around the world. The Ark Ark was sold by the Korean side to Europe for a famous release of The company is famous for the brand regularly releases English games. Hope Lost Ark will have an English version.

Lost Ark has beautiful graphics developed on Unreal Engine 3 technology platform and especially impressive action style is quite similar to the legendary Diablo series.

The world of Lost Ark is being invaded by evil troops. Therefore, there will be some gates called Chaos Gate, which appear randomly in the open world and summon demons from other worlds. Players near Chaos Gate will receive warnings before these demons appear so they can link together and defeat them.

The action element in Lost Ark is linked between world maps open with dungeon systems with high interaction between a large number of players. The manufacturer has focused on the war in the open world to avoid boredom for gamers when exploring this world.

Lost Ark has a simple way to play. This game is rated as one of the most anticipated online games.

Hay Day – The best farm game ever

Hay Day - The best farm game ever

Hay Day is a free game to play, but some in-game items can only be purchased with real money. If you do not want to use this feature, in-app purchases may be disabled in device settings.

Game Introduction

Going back to nature and experiencing peace, life is simple by working on land, raising chickens, pigs, cows and sheep. Besides, you will also have to harvest your own crops, build a bakery, sugar and milk factories that can turn fresh products into useful products. Trade products made with friends by private roadside shops and by advertising their products in magazines.

The plot is very simple: You inherit a large farm. You will have to raise animals such as chickens, cows and sheep, grow and harvest crops like wheat and corn. Players will also have to arrange many different tasks to maintain the farm. For example, organisms that need to be fed and stewed with paddy need to be painted. Visitors from cities or other farms will drop by, give quests or money for items, such as eggs or bread.

Hay Day - The best farm game ever

Nice game graphics

The greatest strength of this game application is probably graphics. Rich, beautiful details with landscape and zoom and pan modes, the graphics of Hay Day is very eye-catching. The game control is smooth and non-invasive, using the touch screen. For example, just touch a plot of so!il, then move your finger across the fields to harvest the crop. You will have to use the same actions to harvest products from your pets, such as milk and animal fur. Besides, players can also access the farm of friends via Facebook.

The replay value comes in the form of achievement. Just click on your home to review all the achievements you have achieved so far. Download this addictive game right now to enjoy great experience!

Attractive games for kids on laptops should be installed for babies this summer

Many families feel that their children’s game selection is complicated. Here are the offline games for kids on attractive laptops.

Epic Mickey series

Actually, the gaming community does not appreciate this product. But this game has simple gameplay, beautiful graphics. Besides this game has quite a lot of Disney characters. The game is set from many famous Disney movies. Epic Mickey series is suitable for those who watch Disney movies daily.

Angry Birds series.

Angry Birds is famous in the world with many different versions. This is a game that many parents choose for their children. The game has simple and colorful gameplay. You can play with your child.

Scribblenauts series

Scribblenauts is a puzzle game. In the game, you will play the boy Maxwell. Maxwell will use his miraculous pen to create the necessary objects. Maxwell then answers the puzzles, helping people. This game requires you to write the name of the tool instead of drawing it. This game will help your child improve English proficiency.


The game allows you to interact, play and take care of cute little animals. This product is very suitable for children because it promotes animal love. This game has simple gameplay and beautiful graphics.

Lego series

Lego game is at the bottom of the rankings. Lego is an intellectual game so it is loved by everyone. The way of playing this game has not changed over the years. However, it is still very interesting. Lego games have beautiful graphics and humor. Each version is a fascinating adventure. Many parents always choose lego games for their children.

Above is PC games for kids. Do you like any more games? Please give us your suggestions.



The game has a gameplay that is quite similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The rule is the last survivor in a match will win. Each match consists of 120 participants who fight each other until there is only 1 survivor that will be the winner. The other players that have been defeated will automatically exit the battle while the survivors keep on fighting.

How to play Rules of Survival

At the beginning of the match, you will be transported to an island by the plane and then you need to parachute to find weapons and equip yourself. When you jump down to the land, you need to quickly find guns, hats and weapons in the houses.

Choose a reasonable drop point

Choosing a suitable point to drop is extremely important when playing Rules of Survival. This affects your strategy at the beginning of the match. Choosing a good drop point will help you have the necessary accessories and equipment to continue fighting with other players.

It is a good idea to choose the points that are far away from the plane’s flight path. If you drop on positions on the flight path, you will surely meet more opponents and decrease your chance of surviving. Choose the drop points that have cars or motorbikes, then get straight to the farthest area to collect the necessities.

Pick up things


While looking for weapons, be careful because you can be attacked by other players. However, you can also attack other players with guns, fists, melee weapons (crowds, pans, chickens). Try to defeat other players and loot items from the box they drop after dying. You can also get more useful items from the Relay Box randomly dropped from the aircraft.

Above are some tips players should know to get a good beginning of each Rules of Survival match. Keep them in mind!

Cut The Rope 2: An addictive puzzle PC game

Cut The Rope 2: An addictive puzzle PC game

 “Cut The Rope 2: Om Nom’s Unexpected Adventure” version is claimed to have a significant change, which is enough to make it one of the best puzzle PC games.

When playing the game Cut the Rope 2, you will have the task of manipulating your intelligence, trying to cut the candies wire down to let the frog eat as many candies as possible.

New version with many changes

With Cut The Rope 2, players will have the chance to explore new locations such as forests, scrap yards, city parks or underground. In order to increase the appeal of the game, each location will feature many characters named Normies with cute shapes. The new characters are important “friends” accompanying players in the journey to grab candy for the protagonist Om Nom.

Cut The Rope 2: An addictive puzzle PC game

Although being based on traditional gameplay, Cut the Rope 2 was upgraded to a higher level in difficulty. For example, this PC game sometimes requires good handling skills when controlling both Normies at the same time. Players must also pay close attention to obstructions such as spiders, trap systems and bubbles.

Game graphics and sound

Colorful graphic design is one of the attractive aspects of Cut the Rope 2. The game sound in Cut the Rope 2 also inherits a lot from the previous version. Players will still feel something familiar because of the cute voice and sound emitted by the monster Om Nom.

Other features

The star system throughout the game is a good idea to make player never fed of replaying. At the first levels, the collection of all three stars is quite easy. However, as the levels get higher, this work becomes more and more difficult, which always make the player brainstorm to find the most reasonable way.

If you are fond of intellectual PC game, try Cut The Rope 2 on PC and have hours of enjoyment!