3 best free survival games for PC

3 best free survival games for PC

Survival game or The Long Dark

This is a survival game for gamers who like loneliness and darkness. The Long Dark focuses on depicting the atmosphere and environment of the character. Coming to the game, you will transform into a lost person to the cold north pole after a mysterious global disaster.

There will be no battle with Zombie, no firefight, no other players besides you. Only you in the fight against the harshness of nature, with fierce animals and with your own weakness. With unique gameplay, The Long Dark promises to bring a great experience for you.

3 best free survival games for PC


It is a survival game with a good story and quite different from many existing survival games. Astroneer is about the search for life in a distant planet, where humans have never arrived. You will be chosen to go to that planet, be away from your hometown and start a new life in a place, which you don’t know anything about.

Everything needed to serve your life will be transferred from the Earth. In particular, on this planet, you will also meet people who share your goals. Your greatest danger and these new friends will be sudden storms, extreme pressure, and extreme climate.

The Forest survival horror game

A survival game mixed with elements of creepy horror for those who are interested. You will play as a survivor of a plane crash and get lost in a mysterious forest.

At this point, in order to survive, you need to have a solid home to cope with the harsh nature, set traps to protect you from fierce wild beasts.

But that’s not all, there is also a tribe specializing in cannibalism and, worse, they are lusting and hungry with the intention of turning you into their meal. With new gameplay, The Forest promises to bring players many memorable things.