Attractive games for kids on laptops should be installed for babies this summer

Many families feel that their children’s game selection is complicated. Here are the offline games for kids on attractive laptops.

Epic Mickey series

Actually, the gaming community does not appreciate this product. But this game has simple gameplay, beautiful graphics. Besides this game has quite a lot of Disney characters. The game is set from many famous Disney movies. Epic Mickey series is suitable for those who watch Disney movies daily.

Angry Birds series.

Angry Birds is famous in the world with many different versions. This is a game that many parents choose for their children. The game has simple and colorful gameplay. You can play with your child.

Scribblenauts series

Scribblenauts is a puzzle game. In the game, you will play the boy Maxwell. Maxwell will use his miraculous pen to create the necessary objects. Maxwell then answers the puzzles, helping people. This game requires you to write the name of the tool instead of drawing it. This game will help your child improve English proficiency.


The game allows you to interact, play and take care of cute little animals. This product is very suitable for children because it promotes animal love. This game has simple gameplay and beautiful graphics.

Lego series

Lego game is at the bottom of the rankings. Lego is an intellectual game so it is loved by everyone. The way of playing this game has not changed over the years. However, it is still very interesting. Lego games have beautiful graphics and humor. Each version is a fascinating adventure. Many parents always choose lego games for their children.

Above is PC games for kids. Do you like any more games? Please give us your suggestions.