Cloud Gaming: The future of the Game industry depends on Cloud Computing

One of the most prominent technologies in recent years has been cloud computing. As technology users, we may be using cloud-based services everyday without even knowing it. For example, when you take a photo with your Android phone or iPhone, that photo is automatically backed up to the cloud. It allows you to view them […]

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The best PC games to play at home

If you are working from domestic due to the world coronavirus pandemic, you’re probably facing some new challenges, such as figuring out which games to play whilst pretending to work from home. That’s a tough decision, but we’ve obtained your back. Even besides all of us searching over your shoulder, juggling gaming and work is […]


Games with huge production budget will surprise you

Star Wars: The Old Republic or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are blockbuster titles that cause publishers to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on production costs. Max Payne 3: The Max Payne game series was first launched in 2001 with an attractive gameplay and Bullet time mechanism similar to the Matrix movie. After […]


Best co-op games PC has to offer

Gaming is interesting in and of itself, however doing it with pals offers a new level of thrills that you can only get in a group. Whether you are playing sofa co-ops, big shooters, or a few speedy racers or platformers, gaming with others offers you twice the fun and even sweeter victories. Here we […]

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PC game bundle for racial justice and equality includes 1400 games today

The Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality is nonetheless on hand for two days. This PC recreation bundle offers extra than 1400 indie video games for US$5 [AU$7] is an open marketplace for indie recreation developers. It is currently supplying the PC recreation bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. The intention is to raise cash […]


Grand Theft Auto V for free on the Epic Games Store!

This will be the best opportunity for gamers to own GTA V without spending any money. Information about GTA V about to be given away for free on the Epic Games Store has made the gaming community in the world a stir. Even many very reputable writers like Nibelion or Daniel Ahmad have confirmed the […]


‘Storm discount’ with 1600 delectable games on PC late this spring

Gamers we prepare to welcome a great news when there is a storm of thousands of discount games from now until April 23. Among them is a large number of popular games are popular, well-known deep prices such as: Resident Evil 3, Borderlands 3, Red Dead 2 …The Epic Games Store’s Spring Sale is on […]


Does Virtual Reality revolutionize online casino?

While online casino games have grown exponentially to become one of the most interesting pastimes around the world, there are still people who like to stroll around a media casino and choose a slot machine. Virtual reality is specifically designed for this reason. This is a way for online casino gamers to play their favorite […]

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Advantages of Playing Racing Games

Racing games not just give you a great distraction from the real-life’s woes but bring you lots of benefits. 1. Relieve your stress This genre of game can reduce your stress in various ways. Just select accessible courses that you have raced previously or choose the ones without the pressure of competition. That way, you […]

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Strategy Games, What Are They? Here What You Need To Know! (Part 2)

Creeps often move along an expressly set path, and the player must build towers on various locations to kill the enemy creeps. In many games, towers can only be placed along the road that creeps usually go, while in other tower defence games, the player can interrupt creeps’ movements, force them to take a different […]