Cloud Gaming: The future of the Game industry depends on Cloud Computing

One of the most prominent technologies in recent years has been cloud computing. As technology users, we may be using cloud-based services everyday without even knowing it. For example, when you take a photo with your Android phone or iPhone, that photo is automatically backed up to the cloud. It allows you to view them from any network-connected smartphone or computer.

The potential for this technology to expand is enormous. In particular, the cloud computing gives gamers a smoother play experience on a powerful hardware infrastructure. In the future, cloud computing will definitely be an innovation worth waiting for. Let’s take a look at what cloud computing is and how it benefits gamers.

What is Cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a fairly broad term encompassing many services and technologies. Basically, cloud computing is a method of accessing services provided by remote computers over an Internet connection. These services may include server, memory, software, and processing power only, and are provided through a subscription to the service. You may pay a number of service fees based on the capacity and services you use.

Currently, there are a lot of cloud applications that you use every day like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive that allow easy storage of data files in the cloud and access them from many different devices.

Even streaming services like Netflix and Spotify can be considered cloud computing. Because you are accessing content (video and music) that is stored remotely and on different machines.

Cloud computing in the field of Game

Maybe you will be surprised and strange, Game can not apply cloud computing. But in fact, GeForce and PlayStation have been rolling out it in many countries. The cloud gaming concept also gradually proves the feasibility and efficiency of huge profits if deployed successfully in the future.

When you think of playing a video game, you immediately think you need a console (maybe PlayStation or Xbox) or a dedicated gaming PC. Cloud Gaming eliminates the above requirements, allowing you to play on any device with minimal hardware configuration and an Internet connection.

Similar to Spotify allowing to listen to music without downloading music or Netflix watching movies without downloading movies, cloud gaming allows gamers to access, search for games and play online games on the cloud platform. Now the game play is no longer dependent on the gaming console.