Four stunning shooter games you should not miss

1.Game Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Full

Call Of Duty 4 is an electronic shooter game. Its 4th version is released by Infinity Ward. This offline game is suitable for playing on Pc, Xbox, PlayStation.

When participating in the game, you will be playing one of the two available characters and against the mysterious tycoon boss and his soldiers. The configuration of the game is relatively light.

2. Megaman X8 or Rockman X8

Megaman X8 is also known by the name Rockman X8 with outstanding improvements and deserving of recognition. When participating in the game, you will incarnate into character X with 2 companions with the task of destroying the conspiracy of the name Sigma cruel.

Significant turn of Megaman X8 is a fairly diverse set of skills also large screenplay, you will be able to choose 1 of 3 characters when you defeat the opponent the skill system will be unlocked more. Shooter offline Megaman X8 need low configuration, so you do not need to worry about this problem.

3. Shadowgun

Shadowgun is the perfect game inspired by Gears of War with stunning graphics. In the game, you will be immersed in the infamous bounty hunter John Slade in the Wild West. The main task is to hunt multiple targets to collect bonuses, but it is not easy, you must shoot down many enemies along the way.

4. Game Battle: Los Angeles

In this game, your task is to protect the city of Los Angeles against the mercenary attacks of mercenaries who did not source.

The pace of the game makes you always focused and attentive, the character you play is equipped with diverse skills and weapons. Battle Los Angeles graphics can be said to be excellent, true and lively, requiring a configuration of 2GB Ram computer, Intel Core 2 Duo or above.