Games with huge production budget will surprise you

Star Wars: The Old Republic or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are blockbuster titles that cause publishers to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on production costs.

Max Payne 3: The Max Payne game series was first launched in 2001 with an attractive gameplay and Bullet time mechanism similar to the Matrix movie. After the first two successful episodes, in 2012, Max Payne 3 was released with a budget of up to 105 million USD. The game quickly received positive feedback from critics with the gameplay that has greatly improved compared to the previous two sections. In the first week of its debut, Max Payne 3 quickly sold 3 million copies.

Final Fantasy VII is the seventh installment in the Final Fantasy role-playing game series to make a name for Square Enix. Final Fantasy VII was first released in 1997 for the PlayStation and was also the first Japanese game to be released in Europe. Investing up to $ 114 million, Square Enix has truly created an extremely attractive role-playing game to this day, with an attractive storyline and addictive gameplay and classic music.

Dead Space: Combining a variety of fascinating genres such as horror, survival and first-person shooter, the Dead Space game series released by EA quickly achieved worldwide success with over 10 million copies sold. The budget of this game is 120 million USD. The main story of the game revolves around the journey to find and rescue the girlfriend of protagonist Isaac Clarke on the ship USG Ishimura is threatened by alien creatures.

Star Wars: The Old Republic: With a development budget of approximately $ 200 million, Star Wars: The Old Republic is always in the top of the largest online games. Despite having been launched since 2011, the attraction of Star Wars: The Old Republic has not diminished with the stable number of players and new content that is always updated. In 2019, the developer Electronic Arts announced the game had a $ 1 billion profit milestone throughout its lifecycle.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Call of Duty game series has brought too much revenue and reputation for publisher Activision. After the great success of the revolutionary game, in 2009, Activision invested heavily to $ 250 million for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The advent of Activision brought about tremendous success when Modern Warfare 2 received received many compliments from critics and $ 550 million in revenue after only 5 days of launch.