Grand Theft Auto V for free on the Epic Games Store!

This will be the best opportunity for gamers to own GTA V without spending any money.

Information about GTA V about to be given away for free on the Epic Games Store has made the gaming community in the world a stir. Even many very reputable writers like Nibelion or Daniel Ahmad have confirmed the information.

According to Nibelion, GTA V is the free game that will be released by Epic Games Store this week. Sharing the same view, Daniel Ahmad also confirmed that this event will start within 26 hours.

Daniel Ahmad’s prediction coincides with the countdown on the Epic Games Store of an extremely hot game that will be released this week.

If the forecasts are correct then this is the first time in history, GTA V is released in the free form. This will be a better opportunity for gamers to own this game without spending any money.

Reportedly, GTA V was first released on September 17, 2013 on PS 3 and Xbox 360. A year later, the port on PS 4 and Xbox One was born. Finally, on April 14, 2015, the version on Microsoft Windows was released and has satisfied the wishes of millions of PC gamers worldwide.

It can be said that GTA V is a perfect product from A to Z. With top-notch graphics, excellent gameplay, and attractive game content, GTA V is truly a game that you have to play once in your life if you don’t want to regret.

Rarely has a game company gone crazy enough to recreate the whole city of Los Angles to such small details as Rockstar. The level of detail of GTA V is most evident in the PC version from the first perspective, and with the new Director Mode, players can even edit movies from the game. A deep storyline, great multiplayer and above all where fun can be found, GTA V is one of Rockstar’s greatest masterpieces to date.