Hay Day - The best farm game ever

Hay Day – The best farm game ever

Hay Day is a free game to play, but some in-game items can only be purchased with real money. If you do not want to use this feature, in-app purchases may be disabled in device settings.

Game Introduction

Going back to nature and experiencing peace, life is simple by working on land, raising chickens, pigs, cows and sheep. Besides, you will also have to harvest your own crops, build a bakery, sugar and milk factories that can turn fresh products into useful products. Trade products made with friends by private roadside shops and by advertising their products in magazines.

The plot is very simple: You inherit a large farm. You will have to raise animals such as chickens, cows and sheep, grow and harvest crops like wheat and corn. Players will also have to arrange many different tasks to maintain the farm. For example, organisms that need to be fed and stewed with paddy need to be painted. Visitors from cities or other farms will drop by, give quests or money for items, such as eggs or bread.

Hay Day - The best farm game ever

Nice game graphics

The greatest strength of this game application is probably graphics. Rich, beautiful details with landscape and zoom and pan modes, the graphics of Hay Day is very eye-catching. The game control is smooth and non-invasive, using the touch screen. For example, just touch a plot of so!il, then move your finger across the fields to harvest the crop. You will have to use the same actions to harvest products from your pets, such as milk and animal fur. Besides, players can also access the farm of friends via Facebook.

The replay value comes in the form of achievement. Just click on your home to review all the achievements you have achieved so far. Download this addictive game right now to enjoy great experience!