– What is PUBG’s Name Read?

What do you usually read PUBG?

PUBG is also known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a famous survival game, and because its name is so long and hard to remember, players often call cute names like girths or bumps.

– What is Bo, Running Bo In PUBG How?

Bo is the white circle you see on the map, the ring will be shrunk and the PUBG player’s mission must run into that ring to be temporarily safe. For those who live outside the ring, there will be gradual blood loss until the blood is gone.

– What is skydiving?

The list of pubs listed for anyone 2

Skydiving is the only action to jump down to any position after you join a game screen, the system will give you 1 minute to prepare and board the plane to parachute. This is the mandatory action of any survival game today.

– Headshot: Simply shoot and hit the head.

– Drying / Fan: Flush continuously on a target in automatic firing mode.

– Tap: One by one in Single mode

– Mindful: Refraining from shooting down the center to dry the bullets and make the bullets limited.

– Cramping: Haunting only ends enemy team members, does not give the chance to save lives.

– Loot: The act of picking up items and equipment in PUBG.

– Loot walk: Action to pick up single houses, areas not cities or towns.

– Camp: Sit in a position and defend.

– Check: Check the area, location to see if it is safe or not.

– Clear: Safe area, no enemy.

– Lamborghini: Refers to the Mirado in the game.


– Redbull or energy drink: This is simply a vial that allows you to speed up a bit and heal, as it is the same color as Redbull so called.

– Medicines: The English name PainKiller (pain reliever) works like Redbull but is stronger.

– Syringes and syringes: The name in the game is Adrenaline Syringe, the most advanced item and also the most difficult to find and works like Redbull.

– First Aid kit: Called by Phet E, gamers can heal for a short time (up to 75% of their health).

– Med Kit: Kit for short, more than First Aid kit and maximum 100% blood.

– Bandage: Or called a bandage or toilet paper, an item of low blood recovery and a maximum of 75% blood.