Racing Games

Racing games: How they evolve (part 1)

Without a doubt, fantastic action games and racing games as well are one in every of the foremost common recreation genres ever. Tho’ initial introduced within the 70s, racing games are a moneymaker since the 80s. From the first arcade games to the realistic simulation ones, these games have been through a  long path. On the one hand, aside from several thriving franchises, most names are forgotten presently. On the other hand, the evolution of the racing genre features a long past. It may solely be introduced through the games themselves. Most of them may be non-existent nowadays. Still, each of them gave one thing that helped the genre reach wherever it’s currently. Let’s travel back and take a glance at the journey of happiness to the racing genre.

The Beginnings

Only a few folks recognize that a racing game existed within the 60s too. In case you do not know, Grand Prix was one of the electro-mechanical games. It combined moving mechanical components and electronic show. That said, we can safely say that Atari’s Space Race was the first actual racing game. Introduced in 1973, it concerned two spaceships that race to succeed in the finishing line, whereas avoiding the asteroids. These parts would persist in outlining the racing genre within the next years. The remainder of the last decade saw games operating and becoming better upon this model. People change the scenario to earth from space. Motorbikes and cars were introduced, and therefore the race track added more well-defined elements.

Around 1974, Speed Race was released, and thus the spaceships were replaced by land vehicles. Sega too jumped into the competition with its Moto Cross in 1976. In the same year, we also witnessed Atari launched Night Driver — the genuinely first game that introduced the first-person perspective.