Scary Flash Games (part 1)

Some gamers like it scary; that is why Horror is one of the most popular game genres. And flash gives no difference at all. Below are some of the top picks when it comes to the scariest Flash titles ever played. 

1) Haunted House Massacre

Here, the mere setting is designed to deliver the chills. In one haunted house, you will be asked to look for your friend as well as coming out alive. At different points, you will be confronted with various choices; also, only one combination is likely to help you remain alive. The real photographs, realistic design, as well as rustic effects undoubtedly make this fantastic game a scary gaming experience for you.

2) Monster Basement

You can guess from its name – this game will put you in some unknown being’s secret basement. There are full of various items; you will have to make use of them to escape while you are battling the monsters in the cages. For making things much scarier, the basement’s owner might come back at any moment as well as ending stuff for you. While it is creepy, it lets you utilize your brain and leverage the inventory for plotting your escape.

3) Mutant Massacre

Here, you are in one deep cave and have to bring a friend who is injured out of it. There are mutants ready to eliminate you. Your only way out should be over their bodies. You see, Mutant Massacre does thrive in the gore and blood, making the mutants’ massacre not just fun but genuinely satisfactory.

4) Sacrificium

Sacrificium’s mere game design would scare you. Here, you play as an investigator in charge of examining one old house to uncover a couple of sinister rituals and find much more horrible things. Its plot is gripping, thus making it engaging.