Scary Flash Games (Part 2)

5) Project Pravus

It is among terrific online games to enjoy. It revolves around one investigation case of an old house, only to discover terrible secrets. There are several jump-scare moments – enough to lead to heart attacks. You are warned.

6) Nightmares: Broken Bones Complaint

Similar to other titles in the Nightmares series, this one is funny and scary in the same measures. Your task is to support the main character to go through his nightmares by performing some tasks before he may fall into the nightmare devil clutches.

7) Dead Frontier Series

You are all alone, surrounded by zombies. You have the only way – it is through them. There is only one path that leads to life, and the rest is to death. It is the Dead Frontier shooting game series’ premise. You do not need to be scary, yet you will not be smiling a lot either. Take care!

8) Hostel: The Killing Floor

One serial killer is seen to be loose in the hostel. Here, you need to save people before the monster provides them with gruesome deaths. With chilly music, the abundance of blood, and great graphics, this edition is among the scariest games you have ever played.

9) Escape the Bogeyman

Here, Boogeyman is one legendary monster, and you play as someone against him. Your objective will be to try escaping him. Once he catches you, the consequence is only death. It is an excellent game for chills.

10) The game Exmortis 2

As among the most haunting games, it is regarded as a must-play. The setting is realistic as well as consisting of real objects, while its music is bone-chilling. Here, it would help if you used all of the ounces of your brain to link the dots as well as escaping or facing the unknown. Good luck!