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Seven classical mini games for PC

The world of offline gaming for PC is equally attractive compared to online games. There are associations created for those who specialize in offline gaming. Real game offline has its own attraction and its own convenience. Did you experience all the outstanding offline games below?

1. Plants Vs Zombies

In Plants Vs. Zombies, you have to plant trees to stop the zombies from invading your wall. This offline game is loved by many people.

2. Pikachu

Game Pikachu is a casual product that is extremely loved by the community by arranging Pokemon of the same type in line so you can earn points, when playing Pikachu games, the more Pokemon the lower the achievement.

3. Alien Shooter 1 & 2

Enter the role into a character you will have to destroy monsters from the future. Alien Shooter is a TPS Alien Shooter 1 & 2 shooter that brings extremely interesting experiences, lively sound.

4. MegaMan X5

Is a classic game MegaMan X5 is loved by gamers by the nature of blood fire, fast paced stimulating players and many attractive rewards.

5. Max And The Magic Marker

This is a 2D graphic puzzle game. However, the game is attractive to many players by combining intelligence and ingenuity.

6. Beach Head 2000

Roleplaying player in a shooting hand makes a continuous gun to attack an enemy from a long range. Beach Head 2000 with realistic sound and vivid game images definitely brings a fascinating experience for you.

7. Worm World Party

Players will have to control the army in depth to destroy the enemy on the way. This is rated as one of the best and easiest to play PC offline games