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Strategy Games to Play

The weekend should be the perfect time for you to enjoy playing games. Yet, if you have trouble with the consoles, online flash games may be more suitable.

With just one click, gamers can connect to their Internet as well as joining the team to savor the best genre for their teamwork: strategy games. Below, you will find some of the best games with different settings and exciting stories.

Sparta: War of Empires

Why do not you enter Ancient Greece’s virtual world and lead your empire? It will bring you quests that are inspired by historical events. Make plans to guide the people in gathering resources, developing houses, and training your army to protect the land.

The game is a race against time for fortifying the frontier before King Xerxes, as well as his mighty armies, start the war. Thus, think and act fast to keep the empire growing.

The Space Game

It may seem like the game is about controlling the economy: you will mine asteroids, one valuable material. Yet, the problem is that there are others in space – they want to get the asteroids too.

In other words, they will invade the buildings for destroying and stealing everything. You will need to maintain the mining work, generate energy for powering up your spaceships, and getting rid of invaders.

Desktop Tower Defense

It is guaranteed to bring you on one exciting journey. This game works to break the common rule regarding the environment settings: the rivals cannot move freely on the field of the rectangular shape. They can only cross it. It depends on you to determine where you should put the next tower for attacking the invaders.

As you move on in the game, you will be surprised when discovering the exclusive upgrades to make your weapons stronger.