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Strategy Games, What Are They? Here What You Need To Know! (Part 2)

Creeps often move along an expressly set path, and the player must build towers on various locations to kill the enemy creeps. In many games, towers can only be placed along the road that creeps usually go, while in other tower defence games, the player can interrupt creeps’ movements, force them to take a different way. The last one in the “less famous strategy subgenres,” is turn-based tactics. In the turn-based tactical game, the players usually have to come up or figure out several tactics to complete their tasks using only the combat forces that the game provided, and the tactics generally give the sense of realistic (or at least believable) representations of actual tactics used by the military.

Now let’s have a look at the more widely known subgenres: real-time strategy (RTS) and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). They are pretty much identical, except MOBA is a real-time strategy online. Usually applied only to certain computer strategy games, the action in the game is always continuous, and the player will have to make decisions and actions in a continually changing game environment. RTS games usually feature systems like obtaining resources, building bases, research weapon/spell/technologies, and using units to fight.

So after reading this, I think you will have more knowledge in the game genre that is strategy. 

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