These are the PC games releasing in December and January

The huge give up-of-12 months recreation for quite a few laptop game enthusiasts is Cyberpunk 2077, which CD Projekt plans to release on December 10—and this time they mean it. The large open world RPG has been so enormously predicted for see you later, numerous developers behind schedule their video games into 2021 simply to […]


‘Storm discount’ with 1600 delectable games on PC late this spring

Gamers we prepare to welcome a great news when there is a storm of thousands of discount games from now until April 23. Among them is a large number of popular games are popular, well-known deep prices such as: Resident Evil 3, Borderlands 3, Red Dead 2 …The Epic Games Store’s Spring Sale is on […]


Three addictive offline games to try on your PC

Wolfenstein: The New Colossus Americans took over Germany with big guns and had lots of explosions – it was like a Hollywood movie when it was followed with the hit game Wolfenstein: The New Order. The Nazis captured the United States during this replacement, and came to BJ Blazkowicz, aka “Terror-Billy,” and the Resistance to […]

strategy games

Strategy games lover must not miss these two great PC games

Good games do not always require terrible configuration. With a normal configuration computer, you still have quite a few attractive options for the line of strategy games. Try reviewing the following 10 strategy games. Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Big Huge Games has opened a gate where inside is a half-virtual world, where intense […]


Enjoy hours of enjoyment with these tatical building games

Industry Empire Industry Empire belongs to the category of city construction and management. It has a different point from the same themes built in that Industry Empire does not focus too much on construction but also gives the player a pretty good feature of industrial construction. In the game, you will be the boss of […]

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Tactical games

Two highly recommended city building games for PC

1. Lethis Lethis is a city-building game that took place in the Victorian Steampunk universe and was called Lethis. Players need to build and manage the city, provide food for your people while making sure there are enough workers to maintain the production line. Exchange, trade with other people in the city, honor the Emperor’s […]

Racing Games


If you are choosing a racing game to relax, don’t miss the below games! Need for speed: Most wanted 2005 Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted belongs to the fast-paced racing game genre. The game offers the best street racing cars. If you are a fan of Need For Speed ​​racing games, surely you should not […]

3 best free survival games for PC

3 best free survival games for PC

Survival game or The Long Dark This is a survival game for gamers who like loneliness and darkness. The Long Dark focuses on depicting the atmosphere and environment of the character. Coming to the game, you will transform into a lost person to the cold north pole after a mysterious global disaster. There will be […]

Hay Day - The best farm game ever

Hay Day – The best farm game ever

Hay Day is a free game to play, but some in-game items can only be purchased with real money. If you do not want to use this feature, in-app purchases may be disabled in device settings. Game Introduction Going back to nature and experiencing peace, life is simple by working on land, raising chickens, pigs, […]