Three addictive strategy games you should not miss
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Three addictive strategy games you should not miss

Let’s check out the most exciting strategy games below

Total War: Shogun 2

During Total War’s development after Rome, everything seems to be deteriorating for this famous game. But with the appearance of the Shogun version 2, Total War marked his comeback. A beautiful context, the fierce, honorable battles of the clan leaders, the conflict originating between Buddhism and Christianity.

Battles clearly show the different elements between clans, in addition to making the game more interesting there is the appearance of unique combat units like bombing ninjas. In addition, Shogun 2 also has a 2-player mode, a great opportunity to stand side by side with your friend in the battle of invading the continent.

Three addictive strategy games you should not miss

Supreme Commander

Only Total War is enough to compete with the Supreme Commander on the scale of real-time battles. It is interesting to rotate the mouse to move an entire battlefield just to promote your orders to other units when kilometers away from each other. If you can win a battle with your army, the reward you will get is an extremely dramatic and spectacular fireworks display (just afraid your CPU is not strong enough to enjoy it).

This is one of the few strategy games that succeed in combining many elements together such as air combat, infantry, and navy into a battle. Moreover, SupCom also goes further when integrating both artillery, long-range nuclear weapons, or macro experimental robots.

Age of Empires II: HD Edition

Even when compared to the Rise of Nations, Age of Empires II is still a big player in the PC game world thanks to its HD version, supported by the Rise of the Rajas. Launched at the end of 2016, it’s really not bad for a game that appeared two decades ago.

Build powerful armies, upgrade them, farm “crazy” and simply enjoy and feel it. In case you are bored with the game’s available modes, you can also create your own custom of your own!