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Two amazing offline games for your PC

Resident Evil 2 Remake [PS4, Xbox One, PC]

Released: January 25, 2019

Average score on Metacrititc: 90/100

After the success of the Resident Evil series, this year Capcom instead of releasing the next version of Resident Evil, they again announced a Remake of the legendary Resident Evil 2 game. Players will return to 1998 when Raccoon City is under attack by a virus called T-virus.

In this version, Capcom has removed the rigid rotation control mechanism and fixed camera rotation. Instead, it is a third perspective to make it easier for gamers to control and shoot guns. The remake of Resident Evil 2 has a “new realistic photo style” that makes the characters sharper than ever and hordes of grotesque zombies come to life with really terrible horror effects. Using Capcom’s state-of-the-art RE Engine exclusive graphics technology, Resident Evil 2 Remake will own a very beautiful, detailed and vivid world with much improved and beautiful images. , look more scary in the previous version.

There is a lot to like about the Resident Evil 2 Remake, from the merciless gore to the diversity of experiences packed into the game. Looking back at the devastation the writer has caused throughout the game, the emotion is very hard to describe. It was a great experience. But at the same time, it also feels something is not right. Keeping up with the times by switching camera angles and movement reduces the difficulty of the original, and the absence of old actors returning to connect the game with the rest of the brand is quite regrettable. Resident Evil 2 is very much excellent, but sometimes it is difficult to excellent that overall.

Kingdom Hearts III [PS4, Xbox One]

Released: January 29, 2019

Average score on Metacrititc: 88/100

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Kingdom Hearts III is a sequel to the popular RPG series that Square Enix first released in March 2002. After 15 years of development, currently, this series has 15 versions (both the original and the supplement).

Similar to the previous versions, Kingdom Hearts III is a story revolving around the exciting journey of the protagonist Sora. Collaborating with Sora is a series of familiar characters of Walt Disney such as Donal duck, Goofy dog, Mickey mouse or the latest cowboy Woody and space police Buzz Lightyear.

According to Game Informer, Kingdom Hearts III provides an “though not perfect, yet very satisfying experience.” Accompanying familiar Disney characters such as Goofy, Mickey brings a familiar but also new experience, along with significant improvements in gameplay and challenging boss battles but also extremely memorable. ”