What survival games to try in 2019?

Dead Rising

Dead Rising is a long-standing survival game that was released in 2006. The game has held a certain place until today. In the game, players will always be placed in dangerous situations when surrounded by thousands of zombies along with the flood of monsters.

To destroy them, the game will provide you with a system of processing to create unique weapons. With the construction of horror gameplay mixed in with a bit of humor, Dead Rising always brings excitement to players.

What survival games to try in 2019?

Zombie Anarchy

Coming to Anarchy, you will play the role of a man who stayed in the apocalypse. Your mission is to survive the masses of zombies. At the same time, you have to build a solid base to keep people alive.

The game focuses on the tactical play when allowing you to build the most reasonable base so that you can resist the attacks of enemies and zombies.

Zombie Frozen State

If you like the classic gameplay, Frozen State is a great choice for you. The game is simulated with camera angles from above to provide an overview and wide view. The task of the player is to control the main characters to survive.

You have to fight as long as possible in the harsh, cold nature that is always full of dangerous dangers from different types of zombies.

7 Days to Die

With a combination of elements such as towers, building an open world and survival simulation, 7 Days to Die has given players an extremely fascinating experience. The game has a lot of game modes, you can fight alone or play with friends to team up. Your goal in the game is to collect precious materials to build a strong base before attacking the aggressive zombies.